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muncheez's Journal

Munchie Alchemy 101
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Welcome to Muncheez! A course in Snack foods! Basically, this community equals a bunch of garbage about different recipies for snack foods.

Fatties and Stoners welcome.

No flaming. So what if you don't like the food posted.. meh... we're individuals and like what we like. Deal with it!

No meth/crank/drug recipies. I mean, keep it real. We're looking for snack foods, not to get banned + FBI/PoPo on our door!

ALCOHOL: Recipies encouraged, however, we do not encourage the drinking of them by those folks under 21. We figure you can read all you want about them, you're just not allowed to drink them in the United states at that age.. so we will not be held accountable for your actions based on drinking illegally. That's your ass, not ours. We're only posting text.

Have fun and share lots!